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Thursday, January 19, 2006

keep your eyes on the right roadway 10-4

Many a time I've been asked what it's like to have driven OTR, or over the road in a semi-truck, and the answer is almost always the same "Survival the fitest" or "it's just a matter of staying focused".

No matter what the task at hand in this life, we are sure to face a barrier, be it a choice, social or
racial problems etc. the way we handle or I should say, "the road we take will guarantee the outcome.
Sometimes just making the right choices and staying focused is hard enough, but when we choose putting on the new man, that is looking to the creator for complete control over our lives
then and only then will we be the "Fitest".

Jesus said " Come unto me all that labor, and are heavy laden, I'll take your Yoke(a burden) learn of me, and I'll give you rest". You just can't receive a better promise than that my friend
because this promise comes not from some guy on the street, but from the only begotten son of
God Himself!.
Always proven true and faithful, and He's always there to guide and teach to show the way, it is up to us to accept Him or reject (hopefully not) and Keep our eyes on Him (Jesus Christ)
Yeshua in the Hebrew.
God is the one who first draws His own to Himself, that way we know we are His!.
Keep you eye's on the right pathway, good buddy 10-4.

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